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OTHERWORLD - Art Direction + Concept Art

I worked as a concept artist for a couple years on and off for Otherworld, helping them design rooms for their Philadelphia location which opened Summer 2023. In 2023 they offered me a position as Art director and I was in charge of managing a small team of artists and seeing that the designs and concepts were feasible to build. I worked with the fabrication team to make sure the final builds were true to the original concepts. Otherworld has 2 immersive art centers in Philadelphia, PA and Columbus, OH. Each one contains 30-40 unique rooms, wich are all interconnected with narrative and puzzles.





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WAREHOUSE - Otherworld Philadelphia

The Warehouse room utilizes an led ceiling pattern and various musical sounds which are controlled by a 'DJ booth' in the front of the room. This allow users to interact with the space and change the mood.

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ELECTRIC TREE - Otherworld Philadelphia

This tree is one of the two main centerpieces at the facility. The original idea was to create a tree that people can walk under and interact with. It's color changing neon tubes can create an array of amazing effects and a reflecting pool below makes the room full of changing color and light.

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BALLROOM - Otherworld Philadelphia

This room uses a forced perspective to make it seem larger than it is. It's main feature is the coffin in the room, which when opened turns the room from a sepia-color to a fullly bright and multicolored room.

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SUB CRASH - Otherworld Columbus

Worked with various artists to create a room centering around a crashed submarine. The walls feature animated projections of deep sea creatures. The sub has screens which can be interacted with to reveal a story of the crazed captain who led his vessel astray in search of the 'pearl of eternity'. By interacting with the fish projected on the walls and the computer screens in the sub, people can solve a complex puzzle and completely changing the effects in the room.

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